Tuesday, 19 January 2010

iSlate, iPad, or whatever it will be called

Interesting article on the BBC News site regarding how Apple 'manages' controlled leaks.

It looks like a dead cert that Apple will anounce the iWhatever next week, and in doing so will arguably kick start the next generation of computing, that of the tablet based computer.  This will be the start of the two horse race between Apples new device and other Windows 7 (with its native mutli-touch) based devices.

So, I'm thinking this can only be good news for us developers out there, as the low cost tablet (though low-cost may not apply to the Apple device) takes over from the low cost netbook.  Modern web based applications are just crying out for devices like these, particularly the kind of business centric applications we Apex developers specialise in.  I think Apex version 4, with a focus on easier Javascript development, and Ajax functionality, is going to be well positioned for development on these devices.

I'm interested to see what new Apex themes and code, particularly plugins, that take advantage of multi-touch abilities will start to appear in the future once tablets become more widespread.  I'm not aware of any examples for the iPhone and the only technical info I could find is the presentation by Brian Spendolini, but I'm happy to be pointed in the direction of any others.

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