Wednesday, 27 January 2010

So yes, it really is just a big iPhone.

So, if, and it's still really an if at this stage, the iPad takes off in a big way (and you know how what happens next - designers/marketing/sales, etc buy them, take them to meetings, then everyone in the company wants one) this really is going to have an impact on how we design our web apps, Apex definately included. 

It's one thing showing off a tiny iPhone version of an Apex application (just because you can), but it's going to be a reality that we are going to have to now design for mouse'less and keyboard';ess (well physical anyway) devices - welcome to the age of multi-touch.


Noons said...

Finally, something truly new!

Will said...

Truly new... really?!

Paul Brookes said...

I agree that there nothing new or truly radical here, and in some ways it has less functionality than an iPhone (ie no camera, front or, less usefully, on the back).

I'm trying to guess who this will appeal to. It's not exactly a cheap way of browsing - a cheaper netbook will do the same and more, and of course is more open (whether Windows or Linux based) than the iPad...but..

I used to own a number of HTC smartphones which in many ways were superior to the iPhone and allowed much more flexibility with which apps I loaded, or how I wanted the home screen to look. But the whole experience of using the iPhone is just, well, much better and satisfying.

Therefore, I suspect I won't truly make my mind up about the iPad until I actually get my hands on one to test drive. If it really is so good to use as those who have had the chance to play with it are saying, then it will sell itself as another object of desire.