Monday, 8 February 2010

Well Fancy that!

I came across a jQuery plugin called FancyBox for creating nice "floating" overlay windows, which I have incorporated into my online store demo.  Just click on the product name and it will display the details in a modal window. 

It doesn't currently work in IE 6, although I'm not sure about later versions, so you're best viewing it in FF.


Joel R. Kallman said...

Very nice demonstration, not only of Fancy Box, but of plug-ins in APEX 4.0. I really like your demonstration application. Well done!

Paul Brookes said...

Thanks Joel,

I really appreciate it.

I think plugins (and dynamic actions) for Apex 4.0 are going to be a revelation, making the development of feature rich applications so much easier.

As for the application, once I have the core functionality sorted, I plan to revamp the design to give it a more "funky" (for want of a better word) look and feel.

Will said...

Very cool Paul. I'm enjoying watching the Online Store grow!

Look forward to the funkiness too!

Paul Brookes said...

Thanks Will,

Appreciate that.