Monday, 25 January 2010

Multi touch and web applications

The award for the "worst kept secret of the last 12 months" will no doubt be awarded to Apple later this week after the unveiling of the iThingamy this Wednesday (27th).   As I said in an earlier post, this is likely to herald the start of the era of the ubiquitous tablet computer, in part thanks to the success of the iPhone.

Love 'em or hate 'em, Apple certainly know thing or two about delivering objects of desire, but I can't help feeling that there will be a lot of dissapointment around if this story from The Register is true.  It indicates that the tablet's OS may be the same as that on the iPhone, and not based around Mac OS.  Considering that multi-touch is native to a 'fully blown' OS like Windows 7 and the cost of the Apple tablet is rumoured to be around $600-$800 dollars, then I wonder what impact this may have on its success?

Anyway, onto the main reason for this post, which is that I got thinking about multi-touch and web based apps in general.  I was playing with one of my Apex applications on my iPhone.  This app has a slider and drag and drop functionality, but of course neither of these work using the iPhone's Safari browser.  So, I'm now intrigued by how this kind of functionality is going to work, particularly if Apple's device is just going to be a jumbo iPhone?  Any thoughts?

Speaking of which, why is it that when I think of this tablet just being a big iPhone, does this image appear in my head:

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